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The Technology has always been considered as greatest boon to development of mankind. The Business organizations since early centuries have indicated technological innovations to the be the tool for standing out in the market. Technology was then only a part of the production process but its contribution in the marketing and advertisement have been realized later with the development of media channels.

In the present, the technology is deemed to rule the market in various forms by rendering this world to be a smaller place where people can interact wherever and whenever digitally through cloud computing. With such development in technology and business organizations are readily investing huge amounts to embrace it and reap the fruits out of it. The On one hand where application software for computers and mobile have made customer’s access to a company’s product easy and hassle free, the digital marketing on the other hand has made the company’s efforts to be the directed appropriately at the consumers most of whom are tech savvy in the present world.

Companies all over the world and across different industries are constantly using the technology as their weapon to exploit the business opportunities prevailing in their respective sectors.