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Have a look at a sample of an assignment we would write for the given question- A research on “Advertisements used for children consumption”

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Advertisements are an integral part of daily life of people in the present era all around the world stretching from urban to rural areas as well. The remarkable change in the advertisement field has transformed children to a spending entity from a saving entity. In today’s world, children are the easy victim of marketers globally due to their high exposure to television and other media channels such as the internet. They are not only spender themselves but are effective influencers of purchase. This paper conducts an extensive literature review to unveil various facets regarding advertisements directed towards children based on a global milieu.

Apart from the literature review, the study tends to fill in the gap in the literature by undertaking a primary research in the UAE. This involves administering a questionnaire survey on 30 participants randomly selected from the city of Dubai. The findings obtained from both the research confirmed the negative impact of advertisement on children which might act adversely on a nation’s future. The lack of restrictions on advertisement for children consumption is deemed to be a drawback and it is recommended to enforce stringent regulations to keep the children in proper physical and mental health.

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